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Gourmet Peppered Jams

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Our Peppers

Jalapeno - We've removed all the heat but retained all the taste in this fan favorite. If you like the taste of pepper but don't want the heat, then you're going to love this.

Habanero - If you like a little heat that's not overwhelming, try our Habanero jams. With every bite you get all fruit until the end. That's where the tempered kick of the Habanero comes in. We make it so everyone can enjoy it.

Ghost Pepper - The Ghost Pepper is unique in that you get a tempered kick from beginning to end. Combine the heat of the Ghost Pepper and the taste of the fruit and you have something very special.

Carolina Reaper - This is our hottest pepper and in all but one instance (Triple Berry Holy Reaper) we temper its heat. It has a very delayed kick so you'll get all the taste of the fruit before we turn up the heat. 

Our "Holy" Series - Whether it's our Strawberry "Holy" Jalapeno, Raspberry "Holy" Habanero, our Double Berry "Holy" Ghost or our Triple Berry "Holy" Reaper this is where we let the heat out to play. If you like it "Hot" then these jams await you.

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